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Send Money from SA to USA

Whether you’re buying soccer shoes from Chile, a cell phone from China, or selling surfboards in Costa Rica, You can

Send Money from SA to USA

This is the process of how to send money from SA to USA

reach across the globe to pay a monthly gratuity to a relative, mortgage on a foreign property, study fees for your children and even a pension fund for a retired employee. It is easy to send money from SA to USA.

The first point to note is that transferring money out of South Africa is not that simple. You can’t simply amble down to your bank or go online to effect the currency transfer because there are a number of requirements that must be followed – depending on your reason for transferring money out of South Africa. You will need:

  • Appropriate tax clearance
  • Declarations of adherence to allowances
  • Invoices
  • Reserve Bank clearance
  • Simplify the way you send money from SA to USA

Instead – find yourself an online specialist currency company that will offer you a service that is far superior with no transfer fees or hidden costs, competitive exchange rates – that usually beat the rates offered by banks, Secure transactions, Forex packages tailored for your needs, International leading global partners, Direct access to advice from expert consultants, No levy on your fees (banks most often charge a levy on transfer fees), A fully online trackable process.  We will assist you with all exchange control and help you send money from SA to USA.

US Dollars remain the currency of the world and many individuals and corporates will need assistance with their money transfer needs for South African Rand to US Dollars. When transferring South African Rand to US Dollars, South African individuals and companies need to be aware of the impact of exchange control regulations on any foreign exchange transaction as well as the profound effect that administration fees and poor exchange rates can make on the amount of US dollars they end up with.

ref: Gillie Bailey