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Latest Finance News

YES – TRUE -South Africa Raises Key Rate to 6.25%

Well we were kind of expecting this as the South African Reserve Bank kind of  unexpectedly hiked its benchmark repo rate by 25bps to 6.25 percent when it sat in its  November 2015 meeting.  Well this is while there has been a weak growth in the country and the feeling is that inflationary pressures increased and […]

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Use a professional to transfer Your money into an overseas account.

Don’t wait for the economy to heat up – instead make the right moves today for a successful 2015. Economists say that the great recession – the longest and deepest since WW11, ended at least a couple of months ago and that the global economy is in fact growing again. But growth is relative. Businesses […]

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South African Banking Has a Reputation for Being Top Notch

South Africa’s banking sector boasts being one of the best globally – this is particularly pertinent to the conduct and management of our large banking houses.  It is no secret that South Africa has a remarkable Reserve Bank that displays top-class governing in keeping the country’s economy right on track, impacting positively on all aspects […]

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Six Ways in Which Exchange Control Affects SA Citizens

Everyone is affected by Foreign Exchange controls – although over the years this seems to have improved especially for those individuals that travel frequently, want to study abroad or need to send money overseas for a variety of reasons and needs. South African residents that are over the age of eighteen are able to qualify […]

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Unabridged birth certificate to be provided upon entry into South Africa

So September news is that an unabridged birth certificate to be provided upon entry into South Africa for either children travelling to South Africa. If you are travelling and need to transfer money to South Africa we will offer a free of transfer fees service to you for all your money transfers. As you know […]

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credit report

Credit Fundi – Knowing your Rights Regarding Credit Defaults and Judgements

Credit Fundi together with the three main credit bureaus in South Africa offers individuals and businesses credit reports and services that will give the kind of expert advice and data necessary for a variety of reasons. Did you know that in the region of eighteen million people in South Africa have active credit facilities, while the total amount […]

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